The sustainable and original company gift to your clients so that they “really” feel appreciated

Let’s put ourselves in a situtation:

  • Christmas or a significant date is coming and you are looking for a special and unique gift that represents you, but you can’t find it …
  • Days go by, you sail aimlessly, your basket is still empty and you get sweats.
  • TIt tempts you to repeat with the same gift with which you triumphed a few years ago but you can not stand the lack of originality.
  • The deadline runs out, but you keep looking because you know that what makes a difference in an original gift is the attention paid to the detail of the item.

Don’t despair!

It’s No coincidence that you found our eco-friendly wooden speakers for mobile

  1. Its design speaks of you, of your way of understanding the world, of your authenticity.
  2. Its pure and elegant lines are an argument for minimalism.
  3. Because our commitment to the environment and sustainability is also yours.
  4. All our packaging is zero waste, without any plastic.
  5. Because our production model is handmade and each piece is unique.
  6. And we only work with FSC and PEFC certified woods.

With Ecophonic your customers can:

Talk hands-free.
Enjoy music, your podcasts or make a call.
Follow a recipe video.
Take selfies, Instastories or TikToks.

With Ecophonic your customers can:

Enjoy music, your podcasts or make a CALL.
Set your alarms.
Follow a recipe VIDEO.
Take SELFIES, Insta stories or TIC-TOCs.

We do our job well:

Some of our customers:

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Speakers created by the master luthier

Our luthier caresses the wood of Walnut, Chestnut, cherry… and experiences its particular resonance until you get the most balanced sound.

It only works with beautiful and resistant woods that are FSC certified, ensuring that it comes from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

You’re still in time to surprise your customers

Contact us and we will get started.
And do not worry about the delivery times as we are used to working wonders.

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