Speaker Retro Wood


The NATURAL evolution of RETRO metal

This is your “ALL WOOD” speaker with the 2 upgrades you wanted:

  1. The inner passage for your mobile cable.
  2. No metal parts.

We have opted for WOOD throughout the whole set and you can now recharge your mobile while listening to your favorite music or podcasts.

Sound design

  • SABINA wood is aromatic and eternal.
  • NOGAL wood is resistant and functional.
  • The result is a beautiful speaker that tempers the sound making it smoother and more natural.

For whom?

  • For an elegant person with simple and exquisite tastes.
  • For those who walk the path towards REAL sustainability.
  • For collectors of unique handcrafted pieces of high aesthetic quality and practicality.

If you are like that… this ecophonic is waiting for you.

Like the rest of the ecophonic family, you can engrave the Retro Wood with your phrase or logo, making it more personal.

It is presented in an author’s box lined in the old fashion and stamped in gold and you can also customize it depending on the quantity.

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Sabina-maple wood
Walnut-maple wood
Measures 120 X 75 X 80
Weight 250 grams approx.
Valid for mobile phones with the speaker on the bottom edge.
6-12 decibel amplification. (depending on the brand and model of mobile used).
Hand finished with natural waxes and oils.
*Talk to us if you want to make an original corporate or celebration gift.

*Ecophonic wireless speakers do not consume energy, they do not need cables or bluetooth. They do not have electrical components or planned obsolescence.

Weight 0.255 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 12.5 × 7 cm


RETRO WOOD is one of our most versatile models and works very well with most smartphones on the market.

Material: Sabina, maple and walnut.
Measurements: 120 X 75 X 80
Sound amplification: 6-12 decibels (depending on the brand and model of mobile used).
Packaging: Handmade and gold stamped box
Weight: 255 grams approx


For proper use we recommend following these instructions:

  • One. Remove your ecophone from the box and place it on a flat surface.
  • Two. If it smells of forest and natural waxes, don’t worry, it’s normal.
  • Three. Do not strive to find the best location, because it is perfect anywhere in your home or office.
  • Four. Insert your mobile or tablet into the slot hit play!
  • Five. Let yourself be carried away by the sounds of nature


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